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Tacos Vicente Green

Many people have asked us how we came up with the color of our truck for Tacos Vicente. Here is the story. While drving down the 405 freeway in Los Angeles we spotted this Lotus. After a few moments Axel and Ryan turned to each other and said, “That is the color for Vicente!” So, we snapped a photo and when we ordered the truck we sent this picture as well. We are pleased with how the color turned out. It is a wonderful thing to see a dream unfold literally right before you eyes. Aim high and keep sight of what matters most and anything is possible. Great things are ahead for Tacos Vicente and we hope you are there to share the memories with.


The Vicente Crew


Eat The Street

Tacos Vicente was invited to participate in the first ever Hawaii Food Truck Rally this past Thursday. This was a huge success. There were several food trucks and vendors as well as a live DJ. We ran solid from 5:30PM until we SOLD OUT of basically everything but tortillas at 8:40PM. We had tons of food but the people kept coming. Thanks for all who came out to support us and the event. Local food truck promoters StreetGrindz helped to make the event possible. Here are some photos of the evening. We had a line going down the parking lot and into other food truck lines! It was really a great event for us. For many people, this was their first exposure to the Al Pastor taco and what an authentic taco is comprised of.

This photo was submitted by a loyal fan at the event.










The Crew












The event! People in line for Tacos Vicente!


Tacos Vicente featured in local press

Tacos Vicente was recently featured in the Honolulu Pulse which is part of the Honolulu Star Advertiser. This was some great coverage and were included in the North Shore Food Truck section. We have also recently been featured by BYU-Hawaii as an “Entrepreneurial Success”.

We are grateful for all who have come out to support us. We value feedback from clients and we are constantly looking for new ways to improve. We recognize the old adage that the customer is always right. Introducing Hawaii to an Authentic Mexican Taco is our goal. Our food is cooked with the best local ingredients, spices, and as always a whole lot of love!

Please click on the photo and links to read more!



BYU-Hawaii Press


Kite Festival

This past weekend, Tacos Vicente had the opportunity to serve those who attended the BYU-Hawaii Kite Festival. The festival was a fun event for children and adults of all ages. The community came out to make kites, fly kites, and just spend time together in a fun and safe atmosphere. Tacos Vicente was there to keep hungry participants satisfied and to provide the Authentic Mexican Taco many have been craving. At the conclusion of the event Tacos Vicente prepared a large order for a patron to take to their friend who had just given birth and wanted our tacos! We were stoked to provide the much needed tacos to this new mother. Thanks for all who came out and Aloha!


Great Start


Goods things come to those who wait

We officially started selling to the public this past weekend. The first stop was Laie and the second stop the North Shore Country Market located at Sunset Beach.  It was a successful time and we were able to serve many, a real authentic Mexican taco. We had some ask us; “Do you sell burritos?” Our reply is always the same, “No, we sell tacos. Burritos are not authentic to Mexico.” We are staying true to our roots as we establish a broader client base. We appreciate your comments, support, and loyalty. A patron from Honolulu came back after having eaten a few tacos and said; “This is the first time I have EVER had a taco that is truly authentic here on the island, Thank You!”

We would like to express a big Mahalo Nui Loa to all our fans and those that gave us a try this past weekend.

We will be in Laie during the dinner hour on Thursday this week and at the North Shore Country Market on Saturday. Check us out on facebook or follow us on twitter at TacosVicente.






Chef Axel Studies Abroad

Those that are close to the Tacos Vicente community know that we have missed Chef Axel these past 6 weeks. Many have asked “Where’s Axel?” For those that may not know, Axel was in México improving his taco skills. He had the opportunity to do an apprenticeship with a Taquería that has been in operation for over 40 years. Axel was able to work hands on with Taquería Erendira as was as other taquerias in Cuernavaca. Axel brought back new recipes, salsas, and knowledge. We are excited to share this passion for tacos with you! Enjoy the photos!

Axel Preparing El Trompo


You know this smells so good!

Axel lends a hand

Gracias por todo


Keepin’ It Simple

We had several dry runs this past month. This was a great time to get familiar with the Vicente Wagon and to test the waters with what people truly like. As with many things in life, simple is always better. Quality meats, produce, fresh salsa and tortillas, all make the taco just right. Thanks to all our family and friends who came out to sample our products! This photo shows just how good the end of the evening was. Delicious Tacos Al Pastor served from the vertical broiler. This is most likely a first for the North Shore!


Blog Vicente

Vicente finally arrived on the island of Oahu yesterday. The journey began at a custom shop in Los Angeles. Upon completion the truck was taken to Long Beach and then shipped to Honolulu. The maiden voyage of Tacos Vicente from Pier 2 near Ala Moana Park, then up to the Kamehameha Hwy was awesome! From the Costco gas station to traffic lights, people would stop and ask Chef Axel where and when they could get tacos. One could literally see those interested in the tacos, SALIVATING for the Authentic Mexican Taco with a Taste of Hawaii.

Here are some photos of the day!