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Tacos Vicente sells authentic Mexican tacos and related food. The food is made to order. Ingredients for the tacos are obtained through local growers as well as tortillerias (tortilla factory) in Oahu. We are passionate about our food and hope you will enjoy the delicious flavors we have to share with you. We look forward to serving you!

 The owners have a combined 40+ years in operating and running successful businesses. This business experience is utilized in the development of food sources, clients, and sales strategies. The owners currently reside on Oahu with their families.

  • Chef Axel Diaz is a native to Mexico and has a long family history of recipes and knowledge for Mexican cuisine. He grew up in the kitchen of his mothers’ restaurant. He not only brings this experience but brings passion and desire for the world to know and taste true Mexican food.



Ryan Hitz served a two year mission for his church in Puebla Mexico. While there he developed a strong love for the people, culture, and food. Together they share this love for Mexican food and desire all to partake of its goodness.




David Hitz served a two year mission in Viña Del Mar Chile. He brings zest and life to the Vicente team. David has extensive experience in customer service and in the business world. He is known as the “front man” on the Tacos Vicente truck as he is the first person people meet when placing orders.